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Partial Classes In C#

We discussed about classes in our earlier posts and I am assuming that you know fairly about classes by now. Now we will be discussing a different type of class that is, partial class. It's name reveals a bit about it which says partial i.e not complete. Let's see what it is and why partial class is useful?

Top React Boilerplate And Starter Kits

It is easy to get started with React JS. You just reference the js files and you are good to go. But you are missing out the awesomeness that is provided by various open source tools to ease out the development and to help you in long run. By using the starter kits and boilerplate, you can take the advantage of these tools pre-configured for you. Though it takes time to understand what is behind the scene but you should surely check out these boilerplate and starter kits if you are planning to create enterprise level React apps.