Top React Boilerplate And Starter Kits


It is easy to get started with React JS. You just reference the js files and you are good to go. But you are missing out the awesomeness that is provided by various open source tools to ease out the development and to help you in long run. By using the starter kits and boilerplate, you can take the advantage of these tools pre-configured for you. Though it takes time to understand what is behind the scene but you should surely check out these boilerplate and starter kits if you are planning to create enterprise level React apps.

1. Create React App

This is created by Facebook itself to help us get started quickly. It uses Webpack, Babel, ESLint and various other tools. Other developers have tweeted a lot about this because the bundled and minified js created using this package is pretty small. Other feature that I personally liked very much is that you don't see any noise in your package.json file until you run the eject command. Here is the link to this repository.

2. React Sling Shot

This is developed by Cory House. Do check out his courses on PluralSight. This starter kit also has everything you need for your next project. From testing to linting to error tracking setup. It includes everything you need. Even has set up for PostCSS to transform your CSS. This starter kit provides a great alternative to other options. Here is the link to the repository.

3. React Starter Kit

React can be rendered on server as well - Yes! Universal Apps. For this, we can use this starter kit. Isomorphic or Universal App Starter Kit - built on top of  Node, React, Babel, BrowserSync, GraphQL, Express and various other technologies. Definitely a must check out if you are developing app that needs to be rendered on the server. Here is the link.

4. React Boilerplate

Another boilerplate for your React Based JS Applications. Mainly focused on Performance and uses the best practices. It includes support for Internationalization i18n, SEO support and pretty good scaffolding to create a project from scratch. Here is the link

We are in the JavaScript world. We always have "n" number of options available for one thing. We have personally used React Sling Shot and Create React App for our small apps. We find them pretty good to work with. If you use any other starter kit, do let us know in the comments below. 

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