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Learn Android Step-By-Step With Example

If you are looking for beginner tutorials for android or just want to start in android or create simple
android app then you can follow below links. Go step-by-step through these tutorials to learn android. This tutorial are for creating a fully functional app(Just Maths) whose source code is provided in the end. Let's get started.

1. Create Android Apps - Getting Started

2. Create Android Apps - Hello Android

3. Hello Android - Basic App Project Structure

4. Just Maths - Android Activities and Layouts

5. Just Maths - Views, View Groups and Layouts

6. Relative Layout and Just Maths Screen Layouts

7. Android Button Click and Android Intent Example

8. Android CountDown Timer With Just Maths

9. Just Maths - Android App (Main Logic)

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Tutorial Video Series


  1. sir your video is too good and very helpfull to me and my friends,,
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    1. Thanks Manish. Share CheezyCode among your friends and stay tuned.

      Cheers from CheezyCode!!!