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Built-In Data Types In C#

C# offers a wide variety of built-in data types. Whenever you create a variable for storing values - you need to define its type. C# being a strongly typed language - enforces type checking when you assign a value to a variable. In simple words, you cannot assign a string to an integer variable.

Attribute Routing In MVC 5 ASP.Net

In MVC routing is a very appealing feature and we discussed about the traditional routing used in ealier MVC ASP.Net versions. However in this topic we will learn about Attribute Routing which is introduced with MVC 5. It is much more advanced and much more developer friendly as compared to the tradional routing technique where all the routes were mentioned in RouteConfig.cs file.

Comments In C#

Comment is a text description of the program logic i.e. what the program does. Comments are ignored by the compiler when you build the program. It is considered to be a good programming practice.

ASP.Net MVC Routing With Examples

This post covers how routing is done in ASP.Net MVC applications, We will cover different aspects of routing with the help of examples. RouteConfig.cs present in the MVC Application does all the magic.

Let's dive deep into this little lake of MVC Routing.

Console.ReadLine and Console.WriteLine in C#

In our previous post, we looked at one of the way to get input from the user via command line arguments. But in that case you have to provide all inputs at once. We require our programs to be interactive. They should prompt for the information they require.

How To Use Bundling In MVC ASP .Net

Microsoft is all about amazing things. Here in this article we will learn about bundling that Microsoft has introduced in ASP .NET 4.5 Framework. We will learn more about bundling, its advantages and why we need it.

Read Command Line Argruments In C#

In C#, there are many ways to get input from the user. We will look at the following ways - Command Line Arguments and Console.ReadLine. In this post, we will look at Command Line Arguments.

Simple C# Program

To write a simple C# program, you need to understand some basic elements. They are part of almost every C# program. You must understand these elements to do programming in C#.