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Visual Studio Clipboard Ring Using Ctrl + Shift + V

For those developers out there familiar with Visual Studio IDE, many of you must be aware of this Clipboard Ring functionality provided by the Visual Studio. But if you have no idea here's some information about it.

Hello Android - Basic App Project Structure

Each Android app has a corresponding project that needs to be created. Android Studio creates a fully functional Hello World app for us. But what all is included in this project - let's dissect this and understand the structure of a Basic App Project Structure.

Create Auto Complete Dropdown using HTML5 Datalist Without JQuery

Here's is a quick way of implementing Auto-Complete in your webpage. Auto-Complete dropdowns are some textbox type looking elements on webpage. When you type on these textboxes you will be prompted with value options just like in dropdowns. The good part of using this method is you need not to using any jQuery for this. The bad part is this will only work in modern browsers which support HTML5.

SessionStorage & LocalStorage : What & How of WebStorage

Browsers these days are becoming more & more intelligent. Gone are the days when the only way to transfer your information to another webpage was query-strings or cookie but with the introduction of HTML5 compliance we are available with two new options of Webstorage named as localStorage & sessionStorage. Get your diving suit on and lets go deep.