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Hello Android - Basic App Project Structure

Each Android app has a corresponding project that needs to be created. Android Studio creates a fully functional Hello World app for us. But what all is included in this project - let's dissect this and understand the structure of a Basic App Project Structure.

Project File Structure -

Project files can be divided into 3 parts:

1. Source Files - These are the Java source code files. Android Applications are written in Java Programming Language. All the source code and logic you write is Java. Java code written can be further divided into packages.

2. Resource Files - These are the files which are raw, static and does not include any code logic like images, XML files, audio files, SQLite Databases, excel files and any other resources you want to be packaged with your app.

3. Configuration Files - AndroidManifest.xml file is one of the most important file in an android project. This includes all the details about your app that is required by Android OS like minimum version your android app will support, components your app contains, permissions etc.

Android Studio and Project Views

Android Studio provides different views of the project like Android View and Project View. Android Studio displays files in a different manner for a view but files in the project remains the same. Refer below screenshot.

Cheezy Code - Android Studio - Project View

Android Project Files

Files in Android Project are structured as explained above. Refer the screenshot below - this only shows the files for Hello World App. In a production quality app, there are various files in these folders. But those files lies only in 3 categories - source code, resources and configurations.

Cheezy Code - Android Files

Let us know if you have any query. Happy reading.

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