Best JavaScript Books 2019 - Deep Dive JavaScript

Demand for JavaScript is ever increasing. From front end to back end to mobile apps and even desktop apps can be developed using JavaScript. This is a very good time if you start learning JavaScript.

JavaScript in particular is a different language but people just map their existing programming skills. To understand the language, you have to go deep down into the language and understand the inner workings of it. I have read several books to learn JavaScript, watch video tutorials online to get good understanding of the language. These are the best books on JavaScript - 

1. Head First JavaScript Programming

This book is a beginner book to start learning Programming in general with JavaScript as your first programming language. Learn JavaScript step by step using this resource as a first time programmer. It teaches you programming in a fun way. You can buy or check reviews of this book on

2. Speaking JavaScript

This book in particular is very helpful to understand the language. It goes deep to give you the overall picture of the language. It is one of the best book for JavaScript beginners to experienced programmers. Get it from Amazon.

3. You Don't Know JS

This is a series of books by Kyle Simpson. I first watched his videos and bought his books later on. This book is by far the ultimate guide to learn JavaScript. It teaches you how browser compiles and parses your code. If you want in-depth JavaScript knowledge, look no further. For Beginners as well as experienced programmers, well suited for everyone. Here is the link from Amazon.

Free version is also available for this series - follow this link.

4. JavaScript : The Good Parts

Written by Douglas Crockford - Authority on JavaScript. This book covers the good parts 😄. I did not read the Grammar chapter but other chapters are very detailed. Most of the JavaScript programmers suggest to buy this book. You can buy it here.

5. Understanding ECMAScript 6

Technology is changing so does JavaScript. Different versions of JavaScript available to work with. Start with ES 5 - you can use above books to understand the nuances of the language. My personal favorite You Don't Know JS. For ES 6, you should start with this book. Get it from Amazon.

Though all the books mentioned above are famous and recommended by various JavaScript programmers. But if you are a beginner or want to learn JavaScript from scratch - go for Head First JavaScript Programming and for experienced JavaScript Developer - I would suggest you to buy You Don't Know JS Series of books.

Happy Learning !!


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