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What is Node.js? Tutorials For Beginners - Part 1

I have been searching for this answer. Being a .NET developer, I was curious to know what exactly is Node.JS or Node. If we go by the definition on its official website, it says -  Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. This definition is not very clear from beginners standpoint. Lets try to understand what's inside Node.JS - 
1. Most of the browsers have some JavaScript Engine working behind the scenes. This engine is the main component of the browser that converts your JavaScript code into machine code. What it actually does is - it takes your JavaScript code, reads it, parses it and then compiles it into machine code. 
2. Chrome has V8 JavaScript Engine, Mozilla has Spider Monkey, Edge has Chakra and Safari has JavaScript Core JavaScript Engine. Every JavaScript engine has its own implementation that is why we face some JavaScript compatibility issues across the browsers.
3. In simple words, we can say that browser is a program which uses …