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Angular JS is one of the most popular client side framework to create scalable and maintainable JavaScript Based Applications. It has been chosen and picked up widely by the developers. Angular released in year 2010 and now it's 2016. We need a new way to write code and use popular client side tooling and IDEs. Even JavaScript has been upgraded to newer version ES2015 or ES6. So it was obvious that Angular needs major changes to enhance Angular JS as a framework and here it is Angular 2 with full power.

You can find a lot of tutorials online to learn Angular2. Apart from Angular2 official docs which can be found here, there are other tutorials that are free and can give a quickstart or introduction to Angular2. Below is the list of the resources -

My Personal Favorite - Angular 2 Tutorial for Beginners

This is a video tutorial. I have used it personally to understand and learn what's new in Angular 2. Mosh Hamedani is an awesome teacher and teaches so well. This video of around 1 hour can get you up and running with Angular2 quickly. This is a part of his paid series on Angular2. You should go ahead and purchase his course on Udemy to learn further.

Code School Angular2 Tutorial

This is a full course on Angular 2. Easy to follow and will help you get started quickly. Just visit here for the basic course and they have other video as well for this Angular 2 routing and Component Communication at this url.

Another Angular 2 Popular Video By

You can find the video here - Thinking in Angular 2. There are various talks by on Angular 2 that you can watch. is contributing heavily for Angular2 development. Augury is a chrome extension tool for profiling Angular 2 applications which is developed by

Free Ebook for Angular2 i.e. ng2 or ngcourse2/details

This is a free ebook resource by Rangle again. This ebook covers a lot of ground in Angular2 as well ES6. You can just visit this link and download your free Angular 2 PDF. Excellent resource to get up and running in Angular 2.

Another playlist on YouTube on Angular 2

This playlist has 35 videos on Angular 2 that gives you head start in Angular 2 application development. It also shows you to create a fully functional weather app in Angular 2. You can refer this link here.

Hope you find this article helpful. Learn and share. Happy Learning.


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