How To Run Exe File Or Bat File As Adminstrator : Windows 8 & Above

Often we come across some applications which require administrator rights to perform some specific tasks. For that we need to close the application, then open it by right clicking on it and then selecting Run As Administrator, but that's really annoying if task has to be done on daily basis. In this post we will learn how can we make a file to run permanently as administrator.

Permanently Run As Administrator CheezyCode

What To Do For .exe Files

Now suppose we have .exe file which runs an application. Now one way to run it as administrator is by right clicking it and click on Run As Administrator context menu. 
Other way is to permanently open it up as Administrator. For this, just right click the exe file and click properties context menu. Now properties window will appear. In that select the compatibility tab, and down below there's a checkbox for Run As Administrator, select it and click on apply. Refer below image

Always Run As Administrator For Exe Files

Now your exe will always open as administrator.

What To Do For .bat Files

This method can be used for exe files as well, just in case the above method doesn't work for you. Now for this method, you need to create a shortcut of your .bat or any other file. If you know how to make a shortcut then it's well and good, but if you don't then just right click the file>Sento To>Desktop (create shortcut)

Now when your shortcut is ready. You need to right click it and open properties.

Always Run As Administrator For Bat Files Using Shortcut - Properties

Now click on Advanced button, you will see a window with option for Run As Administrator. Select that option, click OK then click Apply.

Always Run As Administrator For Bat Files Using Shortcut - Advanced

Now you are all set. Your shortcut will now always open in Administrator mode.

Do let us know if you face any problem. Comments section is just down below.

Happy Learning!!!


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