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Make Immutable JavaScript Objects Using Object.Freeze

Yes we can do this. The title seems pretty fascinating for developers and yes even we felt great when we learnt about Object.freeze method in JavaScript. Isn't that great that we make an object in JavaScript and stay assured that it won't be altered at all during run-time. Those who aren't aware about Object.freeze let's make you aware

Inheritance In C#

In our previous post we learned about this keyword and why it is used. Now in this post let's discuss about inheritance which is a very interesting and useful concept of programming. We will see what is inheritance and how it is used in programming with the help of simpleexample programs. So let's get started

What Is Babel And Transpiling ES6 To ES5

In this tutorial we will learn what is Babel JS and how to transpile ES6 to ES5 using Babel CLI. So let's jump right in and see how easy it is to set up all this.

this Keyword in C#

In our previous post, we learned about static and instance members of a class. Instance of a class is same as object. this keyword refers to the current instance. To understand "this", let us take some examples where this keyword is used -