5 Popular Libraries For React JS Apps

Web development has significantly changed in last few years. Everyone is going crazy to use JavaScript libraries that helps create scalable and maintainable web apps. React JS launched in 2013 has been picked up by many developers because of many notable and distinguishable features. Though other libraries like Angular or Knockout are full framework whereas this is just a rendering library that takes care of HTML part of your web app.


Though small applications can be made just by using React JS library itself but for enterprise level applications - it is best to use some of the open source libraries. Using these libraries and with some scripts and tools, you can create a highly scalable and maintainable app with exceptional development experience. We ourselves loved the way few things work while creating these apps and tooling support available for react js based app development.

We can go on and talk about React JS and Other React Libraries in length but let's just focus on the libraries we used in our project and we are happy with the results so far. You can refer the infographics below for these 5 libraries we chose to work with react js based client application development -



It maintains the overall state of the app. Every piece of information that is related to the functioning of the app on the client side is managed by redux. It is based on the Flux Unidirectional flow. Refer this link for more information.

React Router

For all the routing capabilities in React JS based application, you can refer this routing library. Small and easy to use with support of hash based history and browser history with user-friendly URLs. Refer this link here for more information.

Redux Saga

This is a middleware which is used along with Redux. For asynchronous activities in React Apps with Redux - this library can be used. Powerful and based on ES6 Generators. Redux Thunk is the another popular alternative designed by Redux creator itself. For more information on Redux Saga - refer this link.


This is a testing utility designed by Airbnb to ease out the life of developers. Based on ReactTestUtils designed by Facebook itself but now Facebook itself recommends using Enzyme. Mocha, Chai and Enzyme are almost used together if you are into test driven development. More information for this library can be found here.

Material UI

React based components which implements Google's Material Design. This library provides various components that can be used to create a good looking app. Features like Auto Complete, Cards, Navigation Drawers are very easy to use and can be used to easily put together an app in short span of time. Refer here for more info.

Let us know in comments if you like other libraries in react ecosystem. We would love to listen from our fellow developers. Happy Reading And Sharing.


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