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Ref and Out Parameters In Methods

In previous post we learned about parameters and methods, now take a baby step further on to understand two new C# keywords in context of methods. These two keywords are ref & out. These keywords are used while passing parameters into the methods. Let's learn more about these.

5 Ways To Improve Page Load Time

If your page is taking too much time to load then you are definitely losing the edge over your competitors and moreover you are losing your potential users or customers as well. That 1 second delay will cost you more than anything else. It's better you improve your page load time on priority and use below techniques to optimize your website and increase your page speed.

How To Minify JavaScript & Css Files

In the world of programming, everyone is concerned about performance. Although the system are getting more and more advanced but hunger for performance still remains the same. So in this post we will learn about how we can locally minify our JavaScript and Stylesheet css files just by using a batch file. Let's first discuss few things