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C# Methods and Parameter Passing

Complex applications have huge code base with more than thousands line of code. Writing them in one method is certainly not a good idea. Therefore, we split our code into manageable pieces or units. One way to manage code is by defining methods that perform unified tasks.

Arrays In C# And Why They Are Used

An Array in layman terms is to place a group of things in a particular position so that they are in order. This meaning applies to software field as well. Let's understand what is array and why they are used in coding.

Arduino Uno - Led On-Off Via Internet

In our previous post, we discussed about how to on-off led with a simple program. In this article, we will learn about how to do it using Internet. We will see how to use Arduino Uno with Firebase.

5 Popular Open Source Android Libraries

Android Development has become easy these days. With so many open source libraries available, you can implement anything required for your app easily. Smart developers never re-invent the wheel, they build on top of available code base and focus on the app logic.

Break and Continue Statement In C#

In our earlier post we learned about basics of loops in C#. break and continue statements are used to terminate execution of code inside the loop. Let's get a bit more detail about these two.

While Loop, Do-While Loop In C#

In our previous post we learned about for-loop and understood a bit about how to call a statement again and again. In this post we will learn about while loops. Let's understand what these while loops are and how they function.