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What Is Null, Nullable Types In C#

In programming, avoiding unnecessary variables and object creation is considered to be a good practice. Whenever we create a variable or object, memory is allocated to it. In C#, if no memory is allocated to a variable then it has to be null.

Short Circuit, Ternary Operator and Precedence

In our previous post, we have discussed about operators in C#. There are few concepts that revolve around these operators which are easy to understand and some new operators for some specific scenarios.

Operators In C#

C# offers a wide set of operators for you to write any kind of expression. Expressions are same as you have seen in your Maths class. For e.g.  a = b + c. Here a, b and c are operands whereas = and + are operators.

String in C#

String is a C# data type which stores text value. This type stores a collection of characters clubbed together to form a text. Basic syntax to create a string variable in C# is

string strWelcome = "Welcome to CheezyCode";

Abstraction and Encapsulation

We have seen many people struggling with the concept of Abstraction and Encapsulation. So this is our take on this to help you understand it well.