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ASP .Net MVC5 Solution/Project Structure

In this post we will learn about the basic project structure of an MVC5 ASP .Net Application. The objective of this post to learn about various folders present, what is their significance. So lets start off with a new MVC5 application. We are using Visual Studio 2013 and .Net Framework 4.5.1.

Just Maths - Android App (Main Logic)

This is the last post for this app - Just Maths. Best tutorial for beginners to start learning android. So let's just jump right in for the final code and you can download the code as well. In this post, i will just walk-through and integrate the code that we have done so far in our previous android posts. If you have not gone through them, please read those to understand the concepts. You can find the list here - Android

Android CountDown Timer With Just Maths

Just Maths app has a timer which is used to track the time in which user has to answer as many questions as possible with either Yes or No option. We will create a timer which ticks every second as a countdown timer or stopwatch. This is going to be a simple timer implemented using the Handler in Android.

Android Button Click and Android Intent Example

Apps require inputs from the user to take action. Generally, you will have a button that starts processing the user input. So let's begin our discussion about Android Button Click Event and Event Handlers. When you click a button, click event is generated as an object. To handle or to take action on button click, you need a handler that will execute your app logic. There are multiple ways to handle click events but we will discuss only one which is most common among android developers.

NuGet Manager : Package Install and Uninstall

NuGet is commonly used as Microsoft Visual Studio Extension and helps various developers across the globe to create and consume packages. Its easy, convenient and hassle free. The scope of this article is to make you aware about NuGet and how one can consume a package. We will mainly learn about Installing/Consuming a package and then Uninstalling/Removing the package. Lets talk more about it.