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Coding Standards & Best Practices In .Net, Javascript, HTML etc.

Code is written to make some logic to work but its not necessary that it can be a called good quality code. It has to be clean, well written and as per the standards. Because there is a huge difference between COMPLETION & PERFECTION. Your code may be complete to perform some task but its developer's duty to make sure its close to perfect.

Relative Layout and Just Maths Screen Layouts

In the previous post, we looked at Linear Layout. There is another layout which is extremely helpful and flexible in designing good looking apps i.e. Relative Layout. This layout arranges your views relative to its parent or other child views. You can say something like - align this TextView to the left of EditText or align this Button below EditText.

To position views inside Relative Layout, child views have to specify layout attributes which align them inside relative layout. If you do not specify any layout attributes for child views, all the child views will be aligned at the top-left corner of the relative layout.