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Box Selection : Dynamic Selection In Visual Studio Editor

Usually software provides loads of functionality out of which only a small percentage is used, and if the software is from Microsoft then its not possible to be aware of all the functionality. One such functionality that Microsoft's Visual Studio provides is Box Selection. This feature was introduced in Visual Studio 10 version. Lets learn more about this feature.

Just Maths - Views, View Groups and Layouts

Great android apps require great design. For great design you need to master layouts. Layout is one of the basic building block of Android User Interface. Lets jump right in and try designing layout for our app - Just Maths.

Just Maths has 3 screens - Main Menu Screen, Game Screen and Score Screen. Each of the screen is designed using Relative Layout and Linear Layout. There are other layouts as well like Frame Layout, Table Layout and Grid Layout. But you can design anything using only Relative Layout and Linear Layout. These layouts are nothing but View Groups.

Just Maths - Android Activities and Layouts

Let's start creating our first app - Just Maths. This will be a small app to introduce you to the various aspects of Android App Development - starting with activities and layouts. So just jump right in.

What is Activity?
Activity is just a single screen. Yes it is that simple. So in our case - Main Menu Screen is one activity, Game Screen is another activity and Score Screen is another activity. Activity is a screen that displays some information to the user or requires some input from the user. Activity handles the interaction with the user.