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Create Android Apps - Hello Android

Say Hello to Android !!

Getting started with Android is easy. Android Studio creates all the boilerplate code you need to get started. Once you create a project using Android Studio, you will have a simple Hello World App created for you.

Useful JavaScript Hacks For A Web Developer

As coders sometimes we make silly mistakes or there are times when we look at our old code and find out how easily that could have been done. In this post we will learn or maybe revise some good things that we can implement in our code.

Create Android Apps - Getting Started

Want to build Android Apps really fast? With Android Studio and a blend of Java and XML, you will be up and running and coding Great Android Apps in no time. 
Let's get started. We will be creating a very simple app named Just Maths that will ask user a Maths question. User either presses (✔) or (X) to answer the question. This is going to be a project based learning wherein you will have something concrete in the end.

SQL Select Statements Syntax With Order By Group By

SQL Select Statements We as freshers in the field of technology aren't much aware of the syntax of a particular language, we only know the overall view about that technology. Over the time we learn and revise the technical languages and then after loads of practice we remember the exact syntax.
This post  is for those who aren't much aware about SQL Select statements or are looking to brush up their SQL knowledge. In this post we will learn the basic select statements and when to use them.

How To Stop Browser Back In Modern Browser Using JavaScript?

People keep on searching for this and end up finding something that does not work. Blocking the browser back functionality isn't that much difficult nowadays, you just to have the right code at the right time.

Create Dynamic Table In JavaScript Using WebMethod And jQuery AJAX Without Postback

In the world of rapidly evolving technologies people are doing great things in terms of user experience in websites. Gone are the days when people used to write every single code piece on server side and frequents postbacks were seen. Today we will learn how to create dynamic tables using jquery ajax using data from server side in the form of json object. The good thing will be that all would be done without having a postback.