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Introduction To Kotlin Programming & Features

Kotlin is a new language by JetBrains that targets JVM, JavaScript and Native platforms as well. In simple words, you can write code in Kotlin and that same code can be used across different environments. 

Interface Example In C#

In our previous article, we discussed Abstract Class which is used as an architectural pillar while building an application. Same ways interface is also used to define an architecture for the application. In this article we will learn about Interfaces, What are these? How we use them?

interfaces in c#

Only Alphabet | Only Number | No Special Character - Textboxes Javascript Keypress Code

Many times we need code urgently and we think about a place from where we can just copy & paste. This post is one of them. Here you can find code and working example of javascript code to restrict user input in textboxes. We are providing you with 4 types of textboxes and there's a link in the bottom from where you can get all the keycodes and adjust our JavaScript code as per your need if you want.

textboxes with keypress restriction, only alphabets,only number cheezycode

How To Debug JavaScript In Browser : Google Chrome

Are you a web developer? Or somewhat in to developing websites? If you work with websites and pages then you must be aware that all that renders on the screen is a mixture of HTML, JS and CSS. If you are fairly new to web development and need help regarding what happens on the client side then this post might interest you.

debugging javascript in browsers : google chrome