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Kotlin Getting Started - Setup And Installation


For Kotlin setup and installation, you need to have JDK and latest Intelli J installed on your machine. In latest update of Intelli J, you can create Kotlin project. Just follow the steps below to install these software - 

1. Install JDK

  • Just search for java jdk on Google and download the latest JDK. Keep the settings to default and install the latest version of Java JDK. Since Kotlin compiles to bytecode. You need JDK on your machine. 

2. Install Intell J 

  • You can create Kotlin project with community edition as well.
  • Follow below steps to install Intelli J for Kotlin. 


Once you have Intelli J installed on your machine, you can create Kotlin project. In our next article, we will create a new project and our very first Hello World Program in Kotlin. 

Let us know if you face any errors. We love to hear your suggestions or ideas. Till then Happy Reading and Coding.

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